RawArrowsSM  As with many types of consulting or support services, litigation support helps to allow the attorney to focus on the primary aspects of a given case. The process often begins with the consultant or group of consultants becoming familiar with the specifics of the case that is filed or is about to be filed. Using that preliminary data as a starting point, the support team moves on to identifying precedents or previous legal actions that are relevant to the nature of the case, as well as researching the status of current laws that may bear on the legal action itself. Documenting details surrounding the case and providing that detail to the attorney can make a huge difference in how the legal team chooses to present the case in a court of law.

The world of a litigation support team does not necessarily end when a case is won or lost. In the event the case is lost, the team may work with the attorney to determine if there are new factors that came out in the trial that can be used to log an appeal. If the case was won, the team may assist the attorney in determining the exact process for the collection of any damages that are awarded or any related legal action that may be required now that the primary case has been settled.

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